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 Futility Cycles 

Observations of the flaws in capitalism

 Stimulus Checks 

Is this money really for me?

 Mutual Aid 

How can we help each other when we can't help ourselves?

 The Cost of Labor 

Why must I pay for my work?

 Meal for a King 

What is my labor feeding?

 Love in Exploitation 

Will I get stuck in the system that robs me?


Why am I buried for another person's profit?

 Trickle Up Theory 

Will I be crushed for my dollar?

 Revenues off the Dead 

Who will profit off my death?

 Intimate Exchange 
Are we even human if we are only a
financial transaction?
intimate exchange 2.png

 Belly of the Beast 

Will I be swallowed by the same system that exploits me?

 Thesis Statement 

   My works deal with the futility of capitalist systems. As people work hard to support themselves, governing bodies and the costs of living take away all the financial achievements made by these laborers. This normalized theft of money makes workers wonder how much harder they must work, when large sums of their wealth and livelihood are stolen from them in this faulty economic system.

   To portray the infinite struggle of obtaining wealth I use stop motion videos using the same clay. Each work addresses faults of capitalism and the false notion of financial relief given to daily laborers. By creating animations symbolizing different flaws of capitalism, the viewer can also become stuck in these ideas.

   Capitalism creates mentalities of being trapped in a repetitive cycle of accumulating and losing wealth simultaneously, which is represented in my work through the use of sculpted bags of money being created at the cost of the human figures’ wellbeing. The stop motion videos loop seamlessly, producing clips which continue infinitely, emphasizing the futility of leaving these systems. People work infinitely, with external forces taking away all their efforts to escape these cycles.


Futility Cycles: Master Video

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