Faraz Ghorbanpour

Artist Statement:

Faraz Ghorbanpour’s works deal with the futility of capitalist systems. As people work hard to support themselves, governing bodies and the costs of living take away all the financial achievements made by these laborers. This normalized theft of money makes workers wonder how much harder they must work, when large sums of their wealth and livelihood are stolen from them in this faulty economic system. To portray the infinite struggle of obtaining wealth Faraz Ghorbanpour uses stop motion videos using the same clay. Each work addresses faults of capitalism and the false notion of financial relief given to daily laborers. By creating animations symbolizing different flaws of capitalism, the viewer can also become stuck in these ideas. The stop motion videos loop seamlessly, producing clips which continue infinitely, emphasizing the futility of leaving these systems. People work infinitely, with external forces taking away all their efforts to escape these cycles.

Artist Bio:

Faraz Ghorbanpour will receive a BA in Studio Arts and Digital Media Studies from the University of Rochester in 2021. From crafting his own toys to creating clay humanoid sculptures, he formed stories of fantasies and mythologies within his works. He worked as a camp counselor from 2014 through 2017 to teach sculpture and ceramics to teenage students over the summers. [SM1] Focusing on 2D and 3D media, Ghorbanpour was a TA for the Introduction to Sculpture class in 2018. In the summer of 2019, Ghorbanpour went to Uganda to set up an art gallery promoting local artists in the capital.