Faraz Ghorbanpour

Artist Statement:

Faraz Ghorbanpour’s works discuss memories embedded within imagery. Humans have used wood throughout time to build their lives and happiness together. From building homes, bridges, and the daily tools of life, nature has been reinvented to support people. Another boon of wood is its power of destruction. We harnessed its ability to burn, letting us to heat our homes, cook our food, and defend ourselves from those who wish us harm. Using craftsmanship and fire, Faraz Ghorbanpour juxtaposes frieze-like carvings and bold pyrography to reminisce on nostalgia experienced through time. Each piece compares a feature with another that wishes to exist in the same form. Hidden within the material, the carved portions of the piece attempts to visually hide the thought, forcing people to examine this from certain perspectives. Our memories are recalled during various interactions and instances, as carvings in these works are revealed by the pyrography against it.

Artist Bio:

 Faraz Ghorbanpour has received a BA in Studio Arts and Digital Media Studies from the University of Rochester in 2021 and is will receive a MEAE in Video Game Design at the University of Utah in 2023. Enamored by campfires, he discovered pyrography in 2016, and studied the medium by recreating album covers. With a strong background of sculptures in college, he began incorporating carvings into his pieces in 2021. Having previously set up an art gallery in Kampala, Uganda for local artist in 2019, he has most recently showed a piece at the Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery in 2021.