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Faraz Ghorbanpour

Artist Statement

Faraz Ghorbanpour’s works discuss growth through confronting the past. Many people are attached to their identity, and are complacent with who they’ve settled to be. With wood as the medium, carvings juxtapose wood burnings, meeting each other to create an image of understanding one’s past. Traditional art methods combine with new, yet rarely used, technology to build a positive change within the woodworks. Styles traditionally associated with crafts replicate the narratives we must go through to evolve into our next state of being. Mixing these techniques with other media, different memories and ideas we experience are shown to the viewer, forcing incidences of the past and the present to converge. Between reflections of our histories and hopes for those futures, the artworks push for self-exploration to change for the better. Our identities define us, but by discovering why we are who we are is the best way to move forward.

Artist Bio

Faraz Ghorbanpour has received a BA in Studio Arts and Digital Media Studies from the University of Rochester in 2021 and will be receiving a MEAE in Video Game Design at the University of Utah in 2023. Enamored by campfires, he discovered pyrography in 2016, studying the medium by recreating album covers. With a strong background of sculptures in college, he began incorporating carvings into his pieces in 2021. Having previously set up an art gallery in Kampala, Uganda for local artist in 2019, he has most recently showed a piece at the “Art N Folly ” exhibit hosted by Zoratopia in 2022.

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