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Meet the Artist

Faraz Ghorbanpour, Raz Does Art

From stopmotions to woodcarvings, Faraz, 25, has been sculpting since he was 10. Based in Brooklyn, NY, he has been sharing his art in shows throughout the country, on social media, and on the blockchain.  

Artist Statement

Faraz Ghorbanpour’s works tell the story of how one navigates through a repeating history of whiteness and capitalism towards personal independence. Throughout his life, he existed in predominantly white and exclusionary spaces. Upon experiencing the realities of social structures in Western and Christian cultures, art became the escape from socially enforced normality in daily life. Values of perfection within individualism and becoming the “ideal person in the eyes of God” permeates throughout his life. He sees these as weapons used to harm those unable and unwilling to conform. Using a history of sculpting to cut traditionally European motifs into wood, and juxtaposing them with figures drawn by woodburning and with forms of mixed media. Non-standard techniques juxtapose historic symbols to highlight differences in existence. Challenging social structures, creating an “other”, artificial scarcities, and over-prioritization of stability, the artist confronts the norms we find ourselves in to become our truest self.

Artist Bio

Faraz Ghorbanpour has received a BA in Studio Arts and Digital Media Studies from the University of Rochester in 2021 and a MEAE in Video Game Design at the University of Utah in 2023. Enamored by campfires, he discovered pyrography in 2016, studying the medium by recreating album covers. With a strong background of sculpting in grade school and college, he began incorporating carvings and mixed media into his pieces in 2021. Upon entering the Crypto Art space in the same year, he creates relief sculptures to challenge biased societal structures of whiteness and wealth created by the Western world.

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Throughout the years

Some fun pics of me since the start of my art career. Most from shows, and some from life. Click the pictures to see more about each!

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