Digital Video

Using various videos from the internet as well as recordings I took on my phone, I wanted to depict the ways Muslim people have to adjust our ways of life to avoid being discriminated against. It starts with a woman and her hijab, where it plays a tutorial of how to take one off, but in reverse, with background audio of Muslim people talking about their fears after 9/11. Going into the video with the name change, many people had to adjust their physical appearance and names as well to try and avoid racial harassment. The coffee cups with different iterations of the same name, which are all incorrect, are representing the small ignorances that Muslim and Middle Eastern communities tolerate, where attempting to correct those seems hopeless. Finally, we see people praying with police guards surrounding them. While to some it seems like they are protecting them, without context it could appear as if the police forces were monitoring and trapping them. 

            I wanted to highlight what the post 9/11 lifestyle is for Muslim Americans, and how there are still plenty of fears in the communities. Middle Eastern people have to bend and accommodate themselves to a lot of white American ideals and lifestyles, which are not comfortable for them to exist in. In the video, I wanted to show that the issues we face have barely changed since 9/11.