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The Belly of the Beast - the process

This piece is meant to symbolize how easy and addicting it is to buy into designer brands. By creating a set of jaws, the viewer is meant to look inside and be mesmerized by the details and reflective colors to form a sense of infiniteness.

When it comes to my 3d sculpture, I had many miniature challenges along the way. There were many questions I simply pushed off until I had no other choice but to deal with them. How was this going to stand? What material would I use? Are there going to be moving parts? How detailed should this be? Am I going to be able to finish this? Originally, this piece was going to be made of wood, with a black trash bag covered in designer logos attached to the back. After asking for the advice of various professors in Sage, it became a Styrofoam and plaster set of jaws with burlap attached to the back with nails and staples, and trash bags on the inside to provide a sense of infinite depth. Had I stuck with the wood, the weight along would have caused the piece to collapse as it would be very front heave due to the teeth. I originally just wanted to attach plastic bags to the back, but the plastic did not take the spray paint that well. However, I used burlap as a testing material and it caught the paint perfectly, leading me to attach those to the back. These changes seem simple, but for the stubborn person I am it is a huge change for me.

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